Growing up with two sisters, there was no room for a boy in the kitchen.  It was only after I was married and had three children did I become interested in cooking.  Spaghetti O’s just did not belong in our house.  Being a teacher, I worked most summers while my wife worked as well. I was able to be at home during the day to cook and plan dinners.  Not only did I cook for our 3 but the many friends that were attached.  Slowly my mother would give me hints or recipes of some of the favorite foods she made.  My wife was my best teacher (Thank you Ellen).   If I wanted something and did not know how to make it, I’d have to learn.  Thank you Terah, Jeremy and Michael for being the taste testers of my conglomerations.  My latest adventure is no-knead breads.  My passion for food shows in all the bookmarks on my computer and iPad.  My new taste tester is my grandson, Graham.  He loves to help the kitchen….and especially  get his hands into meat mixtures for homemade meatballs, or sprinkle tons of toppings on cookies.  If I get a thumbs up from Graham, the recipe is a keeper.  I hope I am able to share some of my favorite foods with you.  Nothing that anyone can’t handle.  Remember, my philosophy. Is….”If Pappa can do it, you can too”.


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